Join Jeff as he guides you on outdoor adventures to the world's highest mountains and unpacks what it means to conquer the fear and peril that life's challenges bring. In this updated and expanded edition of MountainVision, Jeff's exciting and heartwarming memoir teaches new lessons in leadership and life from beyond the summit.

Over twenty-five-plus years of guiding adventurer groups to the tallest peaks on six continents, Jeff has shown himself to be courageous, cool-headed, and committed to safety. As a co-founder of Soldiers to Summits, Jeff has trained and guided war veterans on some of their most daring exploits. As the friend and guide of blind adventurer Erik Weihenmayer, Jeff has done what no one else would, come alongside a man who needed someone special, as committed to Erik's safety as to his own, and to finding creative ways to give Erik the help he needed but also the empowerment he wanted.

Now, as a motivational speaker around the world, Jeff inspires business, military and civic leaders with his lessons beyond the summit, showing that learning the basics of leadership and management on a mountain top is only different from business in that there are fewer distractions, in fact there can be no distractions. As a certified emergency medical specialist, Jeff knows how to care for those he guides in perilous situations. And as a great leader, Jeff cares for the emotional and spiritual needs of his team as well, as they face true danger and the ever-present concern that the next step could be the last.

In Mountain Vision, Jeff's "tales from the trails" will take you to the Rockies and the Alaska Range, to Peru and Greenland, to the Atlas Mountains and Kilimanjaro in Africa, and of course, to Everest in Nepal. Along the way, there are adventures in Haiti and 10 weeks in Morocco on the TV series "Expedition Impossible," where Jeff, Erik and Ike finish ahead of 11 other teams, none of which included a blind guy. Jeff's easy style and thrilling storytelling will satisfy and delight readers of all ages. Come on and join his adventures to the world's rooftops, right from your most comfortable reading chair.

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Lessons Beyond The Summit